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Negative Self-Judgment – Guest post by, Tina Frisco…

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The people we tend to be hardest on are ourselves. Some folks are an exception to this, but it seems to be true for most of us.

While I was in Pennsylvania helping care for my mother, I fell into judging myself… harshly… a lot.

I should be doing more. I should move back to Pennsylvania in order to help my sisters meet my mother’s needs. I should not feel guilty that my nephew gave up his bed for me and is sleeping on the couch for five weeks. I should not be afraid to drive a (huge) van for the first time in my life, down unfamiliar winding roads, and over freeways and across bridges under construction. I should be able to stick with my dietary regimen and exercise program, even though I am constantly on the go and thoroughly exhausted.

How often do we…

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Avoid 11 Debut Author Mistakes…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

by Derek Haines on Just Publishing Advice Site:

Debut author? Your first book is finished and published! Now What?

It does not matter if you have self-published, or have been published by a small press; you are very excited, motivated and very keen to start seeing your book sales roll in.

Unfortunately, though, in their eagerness and excitement, many new authors make silly mistakes that can have exactly the opposite effect.

Most of these mistakes can be labelled as instant ‘sales killers’, and although the intention may be positive, the real results can be very negative.

Avoiding the normal debut author mistakes will save you a lot of time, and embarrassment.

11 Do’s & Don’t’s for Debut Authors.

(These points could apply to ALL authors – TSRA)

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Growing Old Disgracefully: A Must Read Guide For Women

When Women Inspire

As we grow older, we become calmer and more obliging to others in our frailty, or that is what society says we are supposed to do, right? But what if you don’t want to do that? What if you want to carry on raising hell, speaking your mind, and dancing to the beat of your own drum? Well, good for you, I say, and keep reading for some suggestions on how to be your best self, no matter how many miles you have on the clock.

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New Sunday Show Interview series – The Ultimate Bucket List – A test run with Sally Cronin

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

It is time to bring back the Sunday Show interview series after a summer hiatus, and as usual I have come up with a new theme. The Ultimate Bucket List. 

It is also a great opportunity to showcase your blog or books.

I was reading recently what the top ten activities were listed on the average person’s bucket list (things to do before you die) and this particular list caught my eye as it was both entertaining and seemed to include most of the common wishes that my friends have talked about.

If you have an author you have already achieved one dream that it seems most people desire.. at#8 is the desire to write a book. And for some of us (say she hopefully) at #10 is the wish to be successful at what we work at.

There are the usual madcap, highly dangerous, get you close…

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Oseremen A.

*I had this post sitting as a draft on Wattpad for so long*

Writers are dangerous.

We have the ability to dream up worlds that would be considered impossible.

We are the minds behind all the serial killers and murderers found in books.

We are the ones who formulate all their vicious plans of taking over the world.

We have the ability, through just ordinary words on paper, to make you experience feelings you’ve never felt before.

We can leave you bawling over the death of a person that isn’t real.

We can leave you plotting revenge against an action or character that never took place or doesn’t exist.

Through sentences, paragraphs, chapters, books, we take you on a rollercoaster of emotions leaving you spell-bounded in the end.

We are the true killers.

We are the true monsters.

And you say writing is not a feared profession.

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What’s the difference between a Rule and a Preference? Advice for New Writers…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

by Louise Harnby

​Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about ‘rules’ in writing. Sorting out what’s right or wrong versus what’s preferred or asked for can be tricky for the inexperienced author.

In this article, I offer some guidance.

Don’t forget to claim your FREE copy of my Guidelines for New Authors booklet at the bottom of this post!

Writing well means understanding the difference between a rule and a preference.

In the world of the written word, these two things often become confused.

How to sort out Rules from Preferences

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Your Book Needs These 6 Psychological Ingredients

Psychology has given us such a wonderful understanding into human behaviour that’s it’s a veritable gold-mine for writers. It not only lets us understand our characters on a deeper level, but also our readers. Those fellow humans — that we’re asking to trade their money and their time in return for consuming our words — have picked up your book for a reason. And whether its romance like the ones I write, a thriller or a prehistoric space fantasy, they’re looking for something. Six certain ‘somethings’. As a writer, if you have these six factors present then you’ve built a solid foundation for a book they won’t put down. How do I know? Because psychology says so :)

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