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The Disney Writers of “Encanto” Plagiarized My Book!!

Disney and their writers have plagiarized a main storyline from my copyrighted novel “Chase Tinker and the House of Magic” for their animated movie “Encanto.” For months now, I’ve been devastated, angry, and sick about their blatant copyright infringement. “Encanto” IS NOT original. They stole my original storyline. (My ebook is free so thousands of copies have been downloaded.)

I discovered it when I read this online review of my book: “Pretty good book I like the concept, also I think Disney may have stolen some ideas when making Encanto.” (I was stunned and franticly rushed to watch the movie.)

Stolen storyline:

1. A magical family living in a magical house that is alive with all sorts of magic and enchantments.

2. A magical entity that created and now controls the house and all its magic, and if anything happens to this entity the house and magic will die.

3. Magical rooms that are created by each family member’s unique magical ability. A magically created room contains and displays the characteristics of that family member’s special power.

4. Every time a new power becomes a new room, the house grows bigger.

5. A grandparent is the guardian of the house and magic.

I don’t understand how Disney and their writers can calmly live their lives as if they’ve done nothing crappy and dishonest. These people are making and have made millions and millions of dollars off my wonderful, unique ideas and storyline while I struggle to pay the rent. It’s horrible and disgusting and so wrong what they’ve done. Just because I’m self-published and they’re a huge, well-to-do company doesn’t mean they can get away with this plagiarizing. They need to pay for their thievery.


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