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Want Reviews, Guest Posts, Spotlights, Interviews? Treat Bloggers With Respect! – by Anne R. Allen…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

The contempt some business people have for bloggers never ceases to amaze me.

Every day I get emails demanding I do free work for companies that are obviously solvent enough to hire employees—so why do they imagine it’s okay to demand that bloggers work for them…for nothing?

Recently an employee of a tech company emailed me one of these crazy demands—using the charmingly personalized salutation, “Hey there!” They can’t use my name, because… how could anybody figure out that “Anne R. Allen’s Blog” is run by somebody named “Anne?”

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Should Book Bloggers Post “Bad” Book Reviews?

Rachel Poli

As a writer, when I read a book that I don’t particularly care for, I feel bad giving it a “bad” review. As a writer, I know how hard an author works on their book. I know the blood, sweat, and tears that go into it. I understand how time consuming it is, how much hard work and dedication gets thrown into the book.

Yet, as a book blogger, I’m obligated to be honest – but fair – in my book reviews. Especially if I get the book for free from the author.

So, what do you do when you don’t care too much for a book you read?

Should Book Bloggers Publish Bad Book Reviews? | Book Reviews | Book Bloggers | Reading | Books | RachelPoli.com

What is a “bad” book review?

To me, giving a book a “bad” review means giving it a 1- or 2-star rating. Of course, everyone’s rating system is different, but I typically go by the Goodreads rating system. To me, a…

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WRITERS RESOURCES UPDATED – Please Bookmark, Browse and Share with your Author, Writer, Blogger Friends…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

TSRA’s WRITERS RESOURCESIn an ever evolving effort to make this blog a better resource to Authors, Writers, poets and fellow bloggers,  I have created these pages to index various external sites and in-blog articles that I hope will be useful, (including over 530 HOW TO 101: articles)

Just click on the links below to be taken to the relevant pages:






HOW TO: 101








This index and associated pages will be added to over time :D

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How to Re-Blog without a Re-blog Button | Self Publishing on a Budget

via How to Re-Blog without a Re-blog Button | Self Publishing on a Budget

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10 Reasons Why #BookBloggers Refuse to Review Indie Books #MPBooks

My Peacock Books

yes no maybe board ticked no Image from Pixabay.com

Before anyone gets upset by the above title, I’m not having a go at bloggers or trying to upset any indie authors out there. Instead I want to write a post to explore the reasons why book bloggers might refuse to review books, and this is especially the case sometimes with indie titles.

Not all book bloggers refuse to review books, not all book bloggers refuse to review indie books, but sometimes they do. And when a blogger does, there’s no point in being upset, if you’re an author, as there are always reasons behind it.

Below are 10 random reasons, some by own, others I’ve found online, for why bloggers might, and I stress might, refuse to review a book. If you’re an author, especially an indie author, it might be worth reading this, and if you are a book blogger, do you agree?


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Timely Reminders – Ideas to blog about – Guest Post by, Jemima Pett…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

A timely reminder came into my mail box this morning: The Story Reading Ape’s digest. Among the usual excellent fare (including Monday Funnies, always worth relaxing over with your favourite beverage) was a post on ideas for your next blog post.

My first reaction was – let’s see if I can snag any ideas. My second was – I have too many ideas already, just get on with the things I do.

Of course, the most useful reaction was to take a look and store anything away that might come in useful. It’s a long post. But controlling the tendency to get involved in anything and everything is also a valuable asset. Keep the reason you blog firmly in your mind.

Why do you blog?

It’s a troublesome thing, blogging. Especially if, like me, you blog to have a presence on the web, rather than to make money attracting…

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