A creative writing by my beautiful and talented daughter. :)

The Citron Review

by Brandi Sperry

The house has settled over the years, and now the pool table in the basement is not level. Gregory can’t accept this. How can no one care?

He goes to the hardware store, buys a level and a stack of thin rubber pads. He strains his back to lift the heavy table, alone, his father’s hip just replaced, his brother nowhere to be found, many years now since they played a game together.

Gregory groans, slips one pad under a table leg. Consults the level.



The balls keep rolling on their own, to the same corner every time.

Primarily a screenwriter, Brandi Sperry has had scripts appear on industry best-of lists including the 2020 GLAAD List, which showcases promising LGBTQ+-inclusive feature scripts, and the 2020 WriteHer list, highlighting the best TV pilot scripts by female writers. She hails from Seattle, studied creative writing at Macalester…

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