Hard truths about the industry #amwriting

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

I love reading,  and always review the books I enjoyed. For every book I feel good about recommending, I may have to read six that are just plain awful. I’m not only talking Indies here—large publishing houses publish many novels every year that are a waste of paper and digital space. These travesties should never have made it past the gateway editor, much less the eye of an experienced agent.

This goes beyond my not caring for the style or voice of the piece. I’m talking lack of proofreading, garbled sentences, lack of knowledge of how to use words like ‘its’ and ‘it’s’, and misspelled words. This happens in traditionally published work as well as Indie, which should be embarrassing to the Big 5, but apparently isn’t.

Some books are so badly edited it seems like the author is the only person who has ever seen the manuscript. One glance at the…

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9 responses to “Hard truths about the industry #amwriting

  1. I’ve noticed that having an unbiased eye is a big one for me. If it’s friends or family, I feel like they’re just lying to me and telling me what I want to hear

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    • A writer definitely needs an editor and/or beta readers who don’t give a hoot about your feelings. I say, please let me know everything that sucks about my book so I can fix it all, even if I cry and stomp my feet. Because bad reviews are not fun to get.


      • I mean I think u can be tactful when telling someone about their work, I don’t see a reason to be rude and blatant about it. Say what needs to be fixed and move on

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      • Of course, no one should be be nasty and mean, but also, authors can’t be too sensitive when editors and beta readers are telling them what they think needs fixing in their books. My editor has made me make significant changes so many times and I just want to yell, “No no no! That’s way too much work and rewriting.” But I do it anyway and she’s always right. :)


      • Yeah I just feel that sometimes editors are too high and mighty and basically just dive into your work with harsh intents. I love my editor and how he tells me so much needs to be fixed, but I don’t feel like I just went a round with Muhammad Ali


      • I’m sure you’ll find jerks and buttheads in all professions, including book editing. I only know a few editors and I’m happy to say they’ve always been nothing but nice and helpful. :)


      • Thats awesome at least. Yeah I absolutely love my editor

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