Keep Your Kids Reading! Reading is a Good Thing!

reading gragh


November 17, 2017 · 2:36 pm

24 responses to “Keep Your Kids Reading! Reading is a Good Thing!

  1. Terrific information Malia and certainly highlights the accumulative factor not just in reading but in amount of knowledge absorbed by reading. By the way I just updated your entry in the cafe bookstore with a recent review best wishes Sally

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  2. Yes, YES! Keep spreading this important message.

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    The number of words a child reads and hears = success in both school and life. Wow!

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    Stop and smell the paper. Reading does mind good.

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  5. Malia, I believe in SSR time! Sustained Silent Reading had been taught me, as an elementary school education student in the (1970’s) seventies! I feel some schools don’t realize how important it is to set this time aside since once students get home, they have chores, homework (not necessarily reading!) and athletic activities. Thank you for sharing this and also, Jennie for bringing me here. 📚 ❤

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    • As soon I saw that infograph, I knew I had to share, because I definitely believe reading should be a part of “homework.” I’ve always read a lot so it’s been one of my favorite things to do ever since I first learned. Besides, when you’re reading a wonderful book, it’s just plain fun. :) Also, I write MG/Tween books so it drives me nuts when books like “50 Shades of Grey” and others like it are flying off the virtual shelves while my kids’ books just sit there covered in virtual dust. So frustrating.


  6. Fantastic infographic, Malia. It should be posted in every school in the world. Thanks so much for sharing ❤

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    This is a deeply important post on reading!

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    Reading IS fundamental!

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  9. My teenage daughter loves books and reading. But she does it outside school, spends her free time reading and writing a blog about books. We share her passion and go with her at the Book Fair and meet her favorite authors (even from Poland to London). :)

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