MMGM: 2017 Middle Grade Books To Read

Awesome reading list for everyone to check out, because MG/Tween books aren’t just for kids anymore.

tara creel books

Okay, so there’s no way I can list EVERY middle grade book I want to read in 2017. This is just a start – the books that are coming out from January to March (some have already released). I’ll post again in March for the next three months. But here’s a start of my first 15:


I love Emma Trevayne and this book sounds right up my alley

Publisher’s Description (2/7/2017):

A girl must stop the Boogeyman living in her home from stealing her family’s warmest memories in this haunting, atmospheric novel from the author of Flights and Chimes and Mysterious Times and The Accidental Afterlife of Thomas Marsden.

When her distant aunt and uncle die, Amelia Howling is forced to move into their home when they leave her parents in charge of their children. Her parents assure her that it will be like having a grand adventure with three new siblings…

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