Countdown to Christmas!

Bring on the Christmas movies! :)


The Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas is so important that there is actually a Countdown to the Countdown, with reminders throughout October of how close we’re getting to the momentous occasion. Immediately after Halloween, the Christmas movie marathons begin, with new entries every weekend until mid-December. I have a deep affection for many of these somewhat silly, sometimes charming, occasionally very funny movies. So did the first entry of the year start things off right? Let’s recap!

one starry christmas

Within the first 60 seconds of One Starry Christmas, here’s what we know: we’re in Chicago, our protagonist is named Holly (there is a development exec at Hallmark whose sole job is to insist female leads in their Christmas movies be named Holly), she’s fun because she rides a red scooter but also smart because she takes a call from an important professor, and she has a fancy boyfriend.

Of course, fancy…

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