Bad Reviews and Chocolate Mousse Pie


If you’re a published author, then at some point your book or books are bound to get some reviews that aren’t pretty. I mean, not everyone is going to absolutely love your writing (sniffle), no matter if you’re published by one of the big publishing houses, a small independent one, as I am, or you’re self-published. Any time anyone puts themselves and their work out there for the public, we have to face it that good and bad things are going to be written and said. After all, as Grandfather Tinker would say, “We’re all entitled to our different likes and dislikes. Imagine the world if we all liked the same things.”

Now I’ve received a whole bunch of fabulous reviews for my first book “Chase Tinker and the House of Magic,” but I’ve also received not-so-fabulous reviews. Sadly, I then took my unhappiness and heartbreak out on a most delicious, to-die-for homemade chocolate mousse pie. Or was that two pies. Hmmm…(Only my muffin top knows for sure.) But believe me, it helped. :)

Anyway, my daughter was kind enough to send me this article that every author should read as a reminder that at least a chocolate mousse pie doesn’t ruin anything but your waistline.

Just cherish the good ones. :)


Oh, and chocolate mousse pie is also recommended for every day delightfulness.


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October 18, 2014 · 4:46 pm

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