Should Zombies Move Slow or Fast?

I’m not a scary show, or scary film, or scary book person. I am just way too wimpy, and I’m not afraid to admit it. But, I have seen and read a few things with zombies. So when I saw that the zombie flick “World War Z” was on Netflix, I decided to watch it. (In the daytime, of course.)

Holy cow! An infected person bites a non-infected person and, poof, 12 seconds later they’re a zombie. Say what?!? They go through a full physiological change in only 12 seconds? What the heck?!? No way, I say. After this they have the ability to run like the wind. Since when did zombies get so darn fast? I dunno. Maybe they had them move faster because they only had two movie hours for the world to become infested. (I’m not even going to mention all the other ridiculous things in this movie. I’d be here all day.)

I then noticed that “The Walking Dead” was also on Netflix. Okay. I’ll give it a try. Well, to my immense relief, the zombies lumber along like normal everyday zombies. They have the ability to run, but not as fast as the humans. I guess if they traveled as fast as the guys in the “World War Z” movie everyone would’ve been turned into zombies in the first season. Kinda puts a damper on future episodes, doesn’t it?

The bitten also take loads longer to transform into walking corpses whose only thought is to devour the living. Whew! Now I can happily watch the other seasons of “The Walking Dead” (in the daytime, of course) knowing they’re more like the zombies we all know and love.

So I don’t know what others think, but personally, I think zombies should be on the slow side. That doesn’t make them less frightening. They’re crazed, animated, gross rotting corpses with dead meat for brains, for cripes sake!

stick zombies



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4 responses to “Should Zombies Move Slow or Fast?

  1. They should be slow, though to be honest they shouldn’t move at all. (no oxygen getting to muscles and all) They should also decompose quicker. The only reason a “zombie” should be fast is if it works like in 28 days later where the infected aren’t dead–they have some sort of human rabies or something. They are zombie like, but really they are just violent, aggressive, living people. If you haven’t seen that one, watch it. It’s good. I don’t really like what they did with World War Z, to be honest.

    • Yeah, the whole zombie idea is totally ridiculous, isn’t it? No way can it work in real life. I haven’t seen 28 Days Later. My daughter told me it would probably scare me. Though, I did watch I Am Legend and made it through that one okay, but I have to admit I fast forwarded through the parts that looked scary. Ha! If that 28 days movie comes on Netflix maybe I’ll bravely watch it. :)

  2. I think a zombie is anything mindlessly running around, unconcerned for its own well being, trying to eat me. Also, if I turn into a zombie after being bit, and I need to shoot them in the head to put them down. Fast zombies are usually not “undead” but “infected.” The newer Dawn of the dead was pretty good if you want a mixture of both.

    • Well I’ve always thought a zombie was someone who died and came back as a walking corpse. The infected people aren’t “true” zombies then, even if they have zombie attributes. So it makes sense that an infected person would move faster than an animated corpse. I wouldn’t want to be either one because just waiting around for some living thing to walk by so I could chow down sounds completely horrid, and disgusting. Ha! And “The Dawn of the Dead” looks way too scary so I think I’ll skip that one. :)

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