Looking good, Billy Ray!

My awesome daughter. :)

You'll pry our twenties out of our cold dead hands.

I’m baaaack!!!!

Just when you thought I’d Amelia’d out of your lives, I’m here again to RANDY QUAID this bitch back into the action!

So the way I see it, my life on this blog has been eerily similar to the professional acting career of Golden Globe award-winning actress and fellow American, Teri Hatcher. I peaked early, accomplishing goals left and right and actin’ all high and mighty, which was obviously IDENTICAL to Teri’s early catapult into stardom via her role on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


But then, like that meatball sub that slowly claws its way through your digestive tract, eventually, shit gets real. The going got rough. Work hours got long. My couch got miraculously fluffier. I went stale. Stagnant. Lazy like that whore, Susan. These last 5 months have basically been one long, uncomfortable, Radio Shack commercial. I mean, I guess I did

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