AAAHHHH! It’s One Of Those Days!

Oh no, the worst has happened!
My brain has sprung a leak,
and I better fix it soon
before I turn into a freak.

I have to get some ear-plugs
and stick them in my ears,
‘cuz my brain is oozing out
like big, crocodile tears.

It’s dribbling down my back,
while my armpits fill with goop.
I think it must be slimier
than squid and liver soup.

I’ve been scooping it all day,
catching every little drop
and wondering if this leakage
is ever going to stop.

For a brain is quite important.
I’d really hate to lose it,
since every now and then,
I take a chance and use it.



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One response to “AAAHHHH! It’s One Of Those Days!

  1. Yeah! Really enjoyed that!

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