Teenage Angst Anyone?

I ran across this poem the other day that I wrote when I was in high school. It was my senior year and my family had just moved to a new state. A lot of kids there weren’t very friendly (sigh) so I hadn’t made any friends yet at the school. It was a very hard time so I think I deserved a little teenage angst. :) Though, sometimes I still feel this way. (another smile along with a shrug.)


The world seems to be
passing me by,
I’d reach out and grab it,
but it’s just too high.
I’m stuck down here doing
the same old routine,
where the sky isn’t blue
and the grass isn’t green.
Where the warmth is inside,
while I’m out in the cold,
First you’re too young,
and then you’re too old.
I’ve got to escape
this depressed state of mind,
leave the unhappiness
and all that behind.
Get out and escape
before it’s too late…
I don’t want loneliness
to be my fate.


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3 responses to “Teenage Angst Anyone?

  1. severnyproductions

    Well written but also honest

  2. ummm i wrote some angsty stuff like this in high school too, though i had the luxury of never moving so it was mostly about boys who didn’t like me. :)

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