The Ferret Poem

This poem is for my little ferret Simon who died Tuesday afternoon, February 10, 2009. He was only 3 ½ years old, but he’d developed a tumor that made it so he couldn’t breathe. I’ll miss all his fun and antics. He had such a great, unique personality that he was the inspiration for the ferret in my kids’ novel, “The Tinker House.”  He’ll be really missed.


















I’m a furry little ferret

and I run around the house.

I’m certainly not a rat,

and definitely not a mouse.


I’m a curious little critter,

who loves to romp and play,

but I also am a sleepy head

who could sleep the day away.


I’m a sneaky little thief

I like to take what isn’t mine

and hide it someplace safe,

now isn’t that divine?


I like to potty in the corners

and dig in potted plants,

chew on things I shouldn’t

and tunnel in your pants.


You just have to love a ferret

because I’m awfully cute.

I like to get in everything

from your cabinets to your boots.


But I’ll snuggle ’round your neck

and you’ll never have to fret

that I’ll be barking late at night…

I make the bestest pet.


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