When Colorado Meets Wyoming




















A beautiful, wonderful lady died early Tuesday morning on December 16th after a valiant fight with cancer. These lyrics were written years ago as a tribute to a great love story: William and Juanita. They’re finally together again.

Bye, Mom. We’ll miss you more than words can say. The days will be less bright without you. We love you. See you on the Other Side.





He came from Colorado to a small Wyoming town,

But he stopped right in his tracks when he saw those eyes of brown.


He thought that she was prettier than the Rockies in the spring.

She was really something else that girl from Wyoming.


And that girl from Wyoming, well she quickly lost her heart.

It didn’t matter that they said he was trouble from the start.


Now that Colorado man was as cocky as can be,

the first thing he said was girl you’re gonna marry me.


Tell your mom and daddy that I’m gonna be the one.

And I’ll be with you forever, even when this life is done.


Then tell all your other boyfriends to head out further west,

‘cuz when Colorado meets Wyoming it’s lovin’ at its best.


When Colorado meets Wyoming

the sparks begin to fly.

Those fireworks are brighter

than on the Fourth of July.

When those two get together

it’s hotter than the sun above,

When a Colorado man and a Wyoming girl

chance to fall in love…


Lyrics by Malia Ann Haberman

Dedicated to Juanita May Haberman, May 11, 1934 to December 16, 2008



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4 responses to “When Colorado Meets Wyoming

  1. Toni

    I remember this!

    Annie Nita read it to us when we were little.

    Now, I’m gonna go cry some more.


  2. John Brown (aka Just John)

    Wow! I read a bunch and came to this last. You are so talented…you certainly made a tear or two come to my eyes. Will hope that there is more and more from you of you to read, absorb, and feel.

    P.S. Another nit…the “cat” poem has a “by day by day” you might want to fix to “day by day”. Hope it’s not rude of me to mention it. I love your work…you too. J

  3. drtombibey

    Pretty stuff here, and great pics too.

    Dr. B

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